Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Things: Chartreuse Muse

Hi everyone. I just wanted to say thanks for those of you who left such kind words about my poem. I do write lots of poems in my journals and sketches, but I am always a little shy to post them. I am actually quite a shy person until you get to know me. So this blog has been a great way for me to overcome any fears of exposing who I am and what I am thinking. This blog has become such a great way for me to feel connected to the creative world and to share tidbits of my life with friends and family. I just love it!

And I would like to thank Southern Girl of Southerngirlflorals for nominating me for the loveliest  blog award! I feel so flattered and happy to receive this from such a wonderful  blogger :)

So today I'm back with Thursday Things. I know it has been a few weeks since I have contributed to this series of mine, but it's back. 

Chartreuse: It's a fun color, it evokes energy, and i like it. 

This original painting titled Chair of Joy  by LeiLiLaLoo is so beautiful. I love the grey paired with red, turquoise, and chartreuse. 

This Fancy a Brew? tea towel by MrPS  speaks for itself. Love it, want it, super cool. Alright so it is more on the lime side of the greens but I had to include it. 

This is a fine art photo titled Shocking by flandersfield. Purple and Chartreuse are shockingly beautiful when paired together.  I love this plant too, so much that I want to draw pictures of it. 

I thought this necklace by curlysue fit into the chartreuse theme nicely. It would add just the right amount of color when wearing a simple black shirt. At least that's what I would wear it with :) 

Last, this fine art photo card by JudyStalus is so pretty and fitting for any occasion. I am so inspired by all of these colors! 

Thank you etsy sellers for creating what you love, inspiring others, and for being awesome in general. 


  1. Great picks, Kelly!
    I'm shy too, and blogging has really helped me as well. :-)

  2. Thank you Kelly for including my photo card on your blog. I love chartreuse, it is probably my favorite color. Judy

  3. I love chartreuse too - looks great with pink and/or purple!