Monday, June 15, 2009


Today was not a great day by any means

My car has been acting up lately. The air conditioner never feels cool enough and when it sits at a light the temperature gage starts to rise. I knew it wasn't the coolant because I checked that. So I took it into firestone today thinking they could tell me what was wrong. Bad choice. It took over three hours of me waiting for it before someone could come and tell me that they still don't know what is wrong with it. Not to mention the mall was with in walking distance so I ended up spending money due to the wait and the proximity of good shopping.  

On a better note, I dropped my car off at the GM dealer and I think they will understand my car better. Hopefully it is nothing too expensive! I will find out what the deal is tomorrow. Roxanne (my car) is ten years old now so I'm sure the wear and tear of daily drives is catching up with her. She can't remain young and spry forever I guess. 

On an even better than better note, my mom, her friend, and my best friend are coming into town this week so I have one and a half days to get my house in order. I am so excited to have some company down here. Living far away from my favorite people only makes the time I spend with them more fun and special! I can't wait! 

Sorry I don't have a picture for you of my sick car!


  1. hope Roxanne is feeling better tomorrow with little fuss or muss! enjoy your company!!

  2. I'm hoping that its nothing serious with Roxanne! Car troubles are a PITA!!