Saturday, January 31, 2009


What does yours look like?

I stumbled across a book called A Year of Mornings by Maria Vettese. I do not own this book yet, but it inspired me to think about those quiet moments in my day that no one else sees. I think through capturing simple moments in our daily routines, we can better appreciate the beauty in our lives. Maybe our quiet moments are not in the morning. If you have kids they might be late at night or when your baby is napping. We all need stillness. 

This morning  I started painting an ink drawing I have been working on. I leave this painting out on my kitchen table so that I can work on it little by little each day. I have like three different "work stations" set up around my house, so there are no excuses to not create. Because for me, at times making art is a choice, and if the supplies are not out I am not as motivated. I will show you a picture sometime of my crazy art supplies everywhere. 

I hope your Saturday is just dandy. I am going to the Killers concert tonight, thanks to my awesome husband. 


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