Sunday, January 18, 2009

Good morning! It is Sunday and what a beautiful day it truly is. I woke up this morning, brewed my dunkin' donuts coffee, put it in a thermos and set out for walk.  It felt great just to move my legs, clear my mind and to breathe in the fresh crisp TN air. I find that when I am restless or in need of a mood boost going for a run or a walk can really make a difference. I guess it must be what dogs feel like? They have all that excess energy and have behavioral problems if they are not walked regularly. I am not a dog expert by any means, it is only what I have observed on the dog whisperer show. A lot of my explanations of things stem from my tv watching habit! If you have a dog maybe you could enlighten me more about walking and behavior. 

I wanted to share with you my new valentine cards that I designed last week and have now made for sale in my shop. I took the design from my Red Flowers Collage and transformed it into little sweeet valentine greeting cards! I am so excited about them, because I think they are so lovely. I think it is nice to have something different on a valentine besides hearts for a change!  

Sunday is the best day. A time to relax, refresh, and to revive yourself before the next work week. I plan to print out and make more of my valentine cards, spruce up the house, and to watch a movie later in the day. I hope you do something relaxing and fun on your Sunday :)

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