Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mondo Beyondo


I have been following Andrea Scher's blog now for about 3 years now. She is an amazing photographer and jewelry designer, but she is also an amazing and inspiring creative force in the blog world. Every year after the start of the New Year, she does a post called Mondo Beyondo. Basically, it is a list of things you are wanting to bring/manifest into your life that are almost too scary to write down. Yes. We are allowed to be this selfish. We deserve to manifest our dreams until they become a reality. Studies prove, that if you write down your goals they are bound to happen. I have a particular story about this......

When I ran track in college, my coach told us we needed to write down a specific time that we wanted to reach at the end of the season. Even if it seemed unrealistic or crazy, we were told to write it down. My race was the 800 (about a 1/2 mile). In high school the best I had ever ran this was in 2:25.  I decided I wanted to run 10 seconds faster than that, which at the time seemed impossible. Every day I would look at the index card with that time on it and it forced me to give 100 percent in practice every day. By the end of the season at our last race I achieved my goal. I ran a 2:15  half mile and took fourth place. I didn't really care about what place I took, but I had accomplished my goal, and it all started with writing down a time with a black sharpie marker on an index card. Looking back, I wish I would have written down 2:00 flat! The lesson is, you must keep your list somewhere where you can look at it daily! You can't just make a list, stuff it in a drawer, and cross your fingers.  

I am going to really think about my list today and post it tomorrow. I would love to hear what your list is? Even if this is the first time you have ever read my blog. Choose bravery over fear. Dream big! (See Andrea's 2008 list here)


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