Thursday, January 29, 2009

Custom drawing

This is what I have been working on these last couple weeks. It was kind of a love/hate relationship, but now that it is finished I would have to say it's definitely a love relationship. It was made for a lovely gal named Rachel (for her boyfriend). The drawing is of a lion statue that her boyfriend's grandfather owned and has sentimental value to him. How great is it that we can use art to hold onto our favorite memories and remind us of the things in life that matter most. I love being a person who can make those memories and objects come alive for people. 

Now back to what I said in the second sentence. When I said Love/Hate relationship I meant that in no mean way. Every time I make a drawing or painting, it is a process that requires choices. Should I use soft or hard charcoal? What size paper? Should there be a border?  Should I darken this section? Should I add more contrast? Should I focus on the most minute details? Should I start over!? There are times when I get so frustrated from working on one small section that I will stop and not start until the next day. I was always taught the importance of walking away from a drawing/painting so that you can re-evaluate the project with fresh eyes.  Patience is important.

I find that when I am drawing something I need to be in the right mindset. I can't just sit down and knock out a drawing in one day. It is definitely a process. I find the best way to get into that mindset is to turn off the tv, turn on some great music, get into comfy clothes and set aside some time only for creating. It's kind of like writing a paper in a way. 

Upon finishing this drawing I did raise my price for a custom drawing. Since I put so much time and effort into this process, I feel it is important to pay myself accordingly. Pricing is a whole other topic that I could talk about for another post. I am still new at this whole selling art thing and I know I have so much to learn. 

I would love to hear any thoughts about your process of making/creating things and if you sell your own artwork how you deal with pricing.... I am definitely going to research this topic more. 

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