Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring has arrived!

Spring has arrived here in NC.

A few days ago I stepped outside and saw that the trees were flowering.
I mean REALLY flowering. See what I mean?

I took a bunch of pictures of these trees, thinking that I would make some grand photo collage to post on here, but with a nearly 11 month old who has time for such nonsense? I mean, I haven't even brushed my hair yet today people!

So you will have to enjoy each picture.

Some of the bushes have flowered around my apartment. I don't know what this one is called do you? It smells realllly good too! I tried to let Sammy smell it, but instead he tried to eat the yellow pollen. YUM! Speaking of Sammy....

He likes boxes and camera cords. Who needs toys? Isn't he cute!? Just in case you aren't sure....

Here he is showing off his chubby cheeks. And funny hair from taking a bath.

So now that spring is here. I feel lighter on my feet. I feel sunshine in my heart!
The only bad thing about the warmer weather is that it foreshadows the even hotter weather that will come with summer. It was 80 degrees here on Monday and because I wasn't thinking, I did not wear sunscreen and on Tuesday I woke up with red tomato shoulders and arms! I would show you a picture of that but I will spare you.

Here are some mighty pine trees from my walk on Monday. This is for my friend Katie. We talked about Pine trees earlier this week.

So here's to spring and buds and blooms and shiny happy people. And for those of you who still have another month of winter. You will have to live vicariously through blogs :)


  1. What a beautiful little boy who lives at your house!!! Hehehe.

    I thought you were about to say you took that picture of pine trees just for JULIE...since this is my favorite tree of all time!!! LOL.

  2. What kind of camera and lens do you use to get such clear pictures on the close up pictures such as the blossoms? Great photos ;)

  3. Julie I didn't know this was your favorite tree! But now I will think of you when I see them too!

    David: Thank you! I used my Cannon Powershot camera on the macro setting to get the close up. It is a tiny camera but takes great photos! It is easy to just throw it in my bag and take it anywhere.