Friday, February 25, 2011

10 Months

ready to take on the world!

You have a sweet and happy spirit

True love

Dear Samuel

You are 10 months old and it seems like you are catching on and learning things exponentially faster each day! You pull up to stand on furniture and pretty much everything. You can crawl so fast that I can't leave the room for a nanosecond. You love bright lights, technology, the cats (wow do you love the cats!). You insist on feeding yourself if possible. If I try to bring a spoon to your mouth you will whack the spoon out of my hand faster than I can say "Sammy no!" You still have a smile that fills your entire face which in turn fills mine. You get frustrated when you want something you can't have and I'm sorry little guy, but this feeling is probably only going to get worse. You play with cars and tractors and make a "vrrroooom" noise as you play. You learned how to put your little car down a ramp. Your dad and I were SO impressed. You also quack like a duck. It is so adorable might I add. You are drawn to cords and lights and miniscule objects on the floor which means I have to vacuum every day. You learned how to drink from a straw this month. You like smoothies and chocolate shakes from Chik-fil-a. You hate carrots. You love broccoli. You are so good on outings. You never complain as long as you are fed (must take after me). You love the angel magnet on the fridge and the new owl cookie jar your dad bought for me. The weather has been so nice that you have been able to explore the great outside world. You tried to eat a stick and some grass the other day. My world revolves around you and I don't mind one bit. I look forward to each new month and exploring the world with you.

Love you to pieces little Sammy!

Love Mom

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  1. Your testaments each month are so awesome, Kel! What an incredible duo the two of you are.