Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On buying handmade and new items in my shop

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Do you believe in buying handmade? I do. I was on etsy today and came across etsy's featured seller, Cathy McMurray and I was struck by her quote:

"Choosing handmade is choosing a slower way of life, one rooted in tradition and creative expression."

And I thought to myself, yes. This is true and this way of life is important to me. There is a huge movement to buy handmade. When you buy handmade you are getting something that was made with thoughtfulness, creativity, and heart. You are giving less money to the middle man and more to the person who actually put the time into making the creation. It is a good thing. Not to mention, you are getting something unique that you can't just go out to Target (no offense, I love going to Target) and get.

When you give your hard earned money to someone with a small business, you are helping them to fuel their passion! How neat is that? You get something fun and creative, and in turn you help someone to stay inspired and to keep creating beautiful things.

These are my thoughts on handmade :)

Also new in the shop are some decorative paper banners. I recently made this one for a friend's sister's baby shower.

purchase this banner here

I think it turned out really nice and I think it will add that extra something special to the party. Her sister can also use it to decorate her baby's room with it when they are done using it at the party. If you are interested in having a banner made for your next celebration, whether it's a birthday, shower, or just something beautiful to have hanging up on your walls ( everyday can be a celebration in your home)! Please let me know. I would love to work with you!

Hope your Wednesday is full of creativity and enjoyment!


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