Monday, March 14, 2011

11 months

Dear Sammy

12 months ago I was getting your room prepared....

I was folding mini clothes, imagining what you would look like wearing them

I was looking through all the gifts and toys that had been given to you....

I was singing songs to you in my belly and still trying to decide on your name!

You have reached 11 months old today! And so far it has been an amazing journey.

This past month you have really blossomed into a little boy. I hate to say that because I love you as a tiny baby so much, but it is true. You have officially said your first word on command: Ball! You can also say Bath (still working on the "th" sound at the end), and Book! I just know you are knocking out those "b" words so you can get to more important words like Mama! You actually call me Nana which is just fine with me for now. You really understand me when I talk to you. For example, you will go get your tractor if I ask you where it is or go to the kitchen when I ask if you want a cracker. It truly is amazing to witness your cognitive growth. You love to play rough, be tickled, be surprised, be chased through the house. We laugh so much together lately. I enjoy seeing you take in the world around you, like yesterday when you saw bees for the first time swarming a tree with blossoms. I can see your little mind working and I wonder what you are thinking?

You have also been experimenting with pushing your boundaries. You want to explore everything and anything even if I say "no." No is more of a game to you than anything. When I say no to you and pick you up to remove you from the situation you get very frustrated and try to hit me in the face! I then have to hold your hand down and say no again, and in turn you laugh hysterically! Oh my. This parenting thing is not easy that's for sure. I am learning along with you. Trying to be gentle yet firm. You will get the hang of it and so will I.

You have been teething like a maniac lately. Two nights ago you were up every hour crying! I felt so bad (and tired the next morning). You want to bite into every object in the house, even the couch and stray shoes left by the door. Lord only knows I can't let you eat our shoes! Of course you don't want anything to do with the teething rings we have for you. Hmmph.

Well I better go accomplish some housework while you sleep like a little cherub.

Love you like bees like honey which is a whole bunch!


*To my blog readers, thank you for stopping by and reading about my year with Sammy. Next month he will be a year old! I hope to continue writing monthly letters to him, and also posting more about things I have been making/cooking/creating!

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  1. I can not believe he'll be a year old next month. My goodness, where did the time go? I love the photos looking into his drawers, that was such an exciting time as you awaited his arrival. :-)