Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thurday Things: Inspired by Spring

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The stunning images above were taken by some great photographers on Flickr. They have also inspired some of my thursday things choices below. Isn't it great how nature influences life? From fashion to art to food to pretty much everything. All items below are things  that I would love to wear as I frolic through a flower field .....or just wear anywhere
~ necklace from anthro~
~Shoes from anthro~

~ hat from The Gap ~

~ yellow swimsuit found at Vogue ~

~ Cute top from forever21~

****Bonus! I didn't know you could order online from forever 21! Where have I been?


  1. Great pictures! Love the colors!!!

  2. ordering on line from F21 - SCARYYYYYYYYYYY!! sweet lovely post - I want it allllllll!!

  3. yay springtime...I really want those shoes!

  4. The flowers are so gorgeous. Kel, you have to come to Seattle soon... the flower vendors at Pike's Place Market are amazing! Heading to Anthro this weekend for a little "retail therapy" yay!

  5. Those shoes are amazing!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love your etsy shop!