Tuesday, April 7, 2009


My trip to Colorado was much needed. What was mostly needed was seeing my best friend and of course seeing her adorable baby, Theodore (whom we endearingly call Teddy).

I was amazed at what a wonderful mother my friend was...not that I didn't think she would be a good mom but I it was just so fun to see her and Teddy interact with one another and to see the love they shared. Every time she would walk in the room Teddy's eyes would light up and a huge smile would stretch across his face. It gave me perspective on what it will be like someday to have my own babies. 

Teddy and I also had bonding time. I was happy to discover that we shared the same sense of humor. The funnier the face you made at him, the more he giggled and grinned! He also loved it when I sang the song Barbara Anne to him because he could make the noise "ba ba ba" making it easy for him to sing along :) 

I feel like I could go on and on about what a lovely time I had. It was great to see Colorado! The mountains and the views were just breathtaking. I feel so full right now. Full of inspiration and joy from my short trip. I just want to say thank you to Katie, Ryan, and my little nephew Teddy for letting me come visit and making my time so memorable. 


  1. This is the second blog I've read that is just killing me to go to the country!!

  2. Ah, I LOVE Colorado! Looks like you had a wonderful trip.

  3. there is a very big possibility that my best friend in the whole world and her 18 month old son Dani will be moving to Colorodo very soon - your post made me a little teary but mostly in a good way...

  4. Hi Kelly!

    I'm a Southern "classmate" in the decor8 class :) Your art is snazzy - especially "Among the Stumps"

  5. This looks like an amazing time! I have never been to Colorado and would love to go one day!