Monday, April 27, 2009

Blossoms Treasures and A Story

So far today.....

 I looked up and marveled at the purple blossoms on this tree. I think maybe the reason people make art is because we envy how nature produces it effortlessly. 

On my walk today I found these treasures. Two smooth rocks and a helicopter leaf. As a kid I was more obsessed with rocks than I was with barbies. I was an explorer looking for the most beautiful and unique rocks I could find in our gravel driveway. I collected them in a yellow plastic butter container. Helicopter leaves could also entertain me for hours. It was fun to collect as many as I could as a kid and then toss them up in the air and watch them fall magically all around me. 

Chronicles of Mowing:

I have to mow my lawn every four days. It grows that fast. I do not own a self- propelled mower so I turn mowing into my workout for the day. I usually go fast while jamming on my ipod. Well, last week everything changed. I was mowing and minding my own business when this sweet toad jumped into the path of my mower! I saw half of his body go one way and half go the was a site unfit for children's eyes and my own. I felt so sad. I blamed myself for going too fast. 

Then...while I was weed whipping around the house I accidentally killed a small snake!  This happened within five minutes of killing the frog. It was not a good day. 

So it turns out that my trusty yellow mower is actually a killing machine in disguise. Who knows how many other toads, frogs, and bugs lives it has cut short (no pun intended). 

Today I mowed my grass very slowly. I kept my eyes about 3 feet ahead so I would not murder anymore amphibians. By the grace of God I spotted two and safely put them out of harm's way. This is one of the toads I saved :) He was very kind to pose for a photo. 

Hope you find some treasures today and save a life or two.


  1. hilarious post! all of earth's little creatures are so precious. i remember once while returning from saturday evening mass, i stepped on a toad who was sweetly resting on the darkened walk up to my front door. devestating. i don't think an evening has ever passed since that i didn't tip toe my way to the door, concious of all princes in disguse.

  2. Every 4 days those poor animals have to watch out for you and your death trap! JK!

    I got lots of nice comments on your print! I can't wait to get it hung on my art wall but I have to move things around just a bit first. I really do love it!

  3. you are a kind and gentle soul, if I had to touch a toad to get my lawn mowed, well let's just say I would be the lady with the scary unruly lawn...

  4. Don't worry Elsiee, I had my gardening gloves on!

  5. I know this feeling and it sucks!! The other day when I was driving to work I hit the most beautiful red bird. it just flew right into my car. it made me cry. I love how the frog you saved posed for your picture.

  6. I've also witnessed my parents running over huge frogs with the mower in the back yard - definitely frightening as a child. I'm sorry you had to experience this lady!