Tuesday, April 21, 2009

let your spirit dance

~my feet~

Do you wake up in the morning and feel like the possibilities for the day are endless? This is how I have been feeling every day since quitting my job last year. It is liberating for my spirit. I remember this time last year I was teaching at a middle school. As hard as I tried to "love" my job I couldn't deny the voices and whispers in my heart that kept telling me:

"This isn't you"  "This isn't the right path for you." "You can't force this job on yourself." "You are suffocating"

It is funny how the rational part of yourself tries to squash these voices:

"But sometimes you like this job." "You are making money now!" " It will get easier with time"......

It was like a game of tug of war in my head! It is so hard because society teaches us to go to school, get a degree, get good grades, get a steady paying job, and live happily ever after.  We are told when we grow up that we can be whatever we want to be, but usually this concept is squashed in high school when you are trying to choose a college major and it feels like there are so many limitations in the world. Expectations determine the path we take. We are asked "What do you want to major in?" when we should be asked "What makes your spirit come alive?!" 

Since I have always been the kind of person to follow my heart rather than my head. I finally squashed the rational side of my mind and wrote down my decision on the white board in my office: 


This was a pivotal moment. My creative side cheered! "YES. This is the first step. Don't doubt yourself." At this point I had to trust that what I was doing was the right thing, but the flood gate of fear came pouring over me. What was I going to do next then? What will people think of me quitting a perfectly good job? How will I make money? Am I crazy? 

I knew that I wanted to live a creative life. I wanted to honor the gifts that God has given me. I wanted to make artwork, to learn, to explore, and to share this path with others. I created space in my life for this dream. It is slowly coming along and I get excited about all my small victories, whether I sell a print in my shop, finish a new painting, or get compliments on my art. 

Luckily I have a very supportive husband. He knew I wasn't happy with my job. I have been so blessed to have found a person who cares about me and my happiness more than an extra paycheck every month. In turn, I will always support what his heart tells him and encourage him to do what he loves as well. 

Please know that I don't think everyone should quit their jobs and be an artist. I know many people who love and enjoy their jobs. I have one friend who is an extraordinary teacher and I can't imagine her doing anything else. What I do believe is we should do what makes our spirit dance. As far as I know we only get to live once. We need to make brave decisions and live passionately. 


  1. Kelly,
    This post really made me think. It was nice to get an insight into your soul. Thank you for sharing. I agree that if we want to live a happy life then we need to listen to our spirit. I am glad that you did. Brilliant writing, by the way. Love it. I showed my friend your art website and she is considering some purchases. She loved your charcoal drawing! Bravo, Kel.

  2. I love this post!! I am going to work on my art until I can afford to quit my job! Until that day comes, I will drag myself to work everyday :)

    Anyway, I won your drawing! I am not a person who enters every drawing I see. I just enter when I see things that I really love. I have been making an art wall and your work will be lovely on it!

  3. Thanks for commenting Angela! I know it is not always feasible to just give up your job. I would have never been able to do it if I wasn't married. But my hope is that someday people like you and me can make a steady living with our artwork!

    I am so happy you won the drawing and I am glad you have a spot on your wall for my art!

  4. That's awesome - you are so lucky! I am struggling with the same thing right now with my job - luckily I have a supportive husband too - but I am always thinking a few more months I can redo my kitchen, etc....by the end of the year though I have promised myself - and I can't wait! (hope my boss doesn't read your blog!)

  5. I can tell you that the pull to create is strong enough somedays to make me wish I could quit a job/profession that I LOVE!!! So I'm lucky to have a job and a craft that I love, a little less lucky to have a daughter in college and a frighteningly intensely high acquisition drive(shoes, purses, random etsy goodies) - that keeps my "chuck it all of art" little voice in check most days... but I do dream about it...

  6. i love this post. after marinating in your words for the last couple days, i feel more appreciative and aware of the little ways in which my days are open enough to allow for creativity, joy, and passion.

  7. So inspiring! I want spirit to dance but have yet to find what makes it truly happy will being able to provide at the same time! I am inspired by your decision and hope the absolute best for you!