Thursday, February 26, 2009

Don't Burn The Day

*Picture taken by me in central park 2007

Do you ever feel like you wish your days away just to make it to the weekend or to some special event in the future? You get so caught up in/bored with the daily grind that you don't take the time to enjoy the present moment, to enjoy the people you are with, to enjoy the beauty in your life. I am usually pretty good about enjoying each day and appreciating everything down to the smallest things, but being only human I can easily forget.

It's like the smallest grain of negativity can infest your mind and make you forget what it is that you should be thankful for! Negative people are the worst, they activate their negativity button and it spreads like a virus to the next victim. It's like they are living in their own negative world in their head, they are trapped and can't get out of it. You know the type. The kind that wants to bring you down when you are having a great day. Don't let them do it. Be strong, kill their negativity with kindness. Don't get sucked into the world of doom and complaining. 

I'm not saying its not ok to have a bad day. I know life can be tough. I know sometimes you just break and you need someone to talk to, so that they can cheer you up. I'm talking about total unnecessary the sun is shining, it's 70 degrees and someone says "I hate how bright the sun is today!" Or someone who is constantly blaming others for their lack of luck and happiness in the world. We all hold the key to our own happiness and for me, it is a choice. I can either take what I got and make the best of it or I can be miserable and caught up in the idea that the world has dealt me a bad hand of cards. 

I have so much to be thankful for in my life and sometimes I really do wonder if I am in a dream. I have the best husband in the world, caring and wonderful friends, a nice humble home, super cats, the ability to run, my artwork, a car that runs, and good health. Seriously. I have it good!

Our lives are so short on this sphere in space called Earth. I always realize this right when I wake up and that small sliver of sunshine is streaming in through my window, and I think "wow I am here and alive to enjoy this sunshine." Life really amazes me. I just want to take it all in, spread a little kindness, and enjoy it while I'm here.

"There's much more than we see here. Don't burn the day away."  -Dave Mathews

(I will post some pictures later today :)


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  2. Great post. I always remind friend when they say that they can't wait until the weekend that they are wishing their life away. I truly believe this too. You have to find the joy in every day.