Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 months

Photo taken at 2 weeks old

Today is your 3 month birthday!

We woke up around 7 am and had breakfast (you nursed I had oatmeal squares cereal). Then we laid in bed together while I read Goodnight Little One to you. I suppose I need a book titled Good Morning Little One so you don't get confused! Then I held you on my lap while I made ridiculous noises at you in efforts to make you laugh. You gave me one big squeal-like laugh and that was good enough for me :) Next we walked around the house and talked to the cats. You seem to show more of an interest in them lately. We laid down on the bed again to talk and coo. Finally your eyes got heavy and red and it was time for a nap. I held you close to me while your eyes slowly drifted and all I could think to myself was wow how did I get so lucky.....

Love you stinker pants :)


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Wearing

Here is me and my little guy in the sleepy wrap :) He hates being in it when he is facing me, but loves facing out so he can see the world!

Did you know that baby wearing goes waaaay back? I bet even Jesus was worn by his mother. Women around the world wear their babies so that they can keep their babies safe and close to them while they go about their daily tasks. Today I got up, put on my sleepy wrap, put baby in wrap, went to make a pot of coffee, popped in some cinnamon swirl toast, ate toast, took a stroll outside to get the mail, checked my email, cleaned up kitchen, and then decided to take baby out so I could drink my coffee (drinking coffee or any hot beverage while baby is attached would be a terrible idea).

Why I like wearing baby:

1. He can learn about the world at eye-level rather than laying on the floor or being in a bouncer all day.

2. It saves my arms. Sammy loves being held and walked around. This can get tiresome, so wearing him is much more comfortable for us both.

3. It looks cool. I love seeing other moms wear their babies!

4. He loves being close to me and seeing all the action!

5. I can still do household chores and feel like I am not ignoring him.

That's my two cents on baby wearing. Have a great day!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

On Motherhood

I know this blog used to be more about art and pretty things, but now that I am a mother I feel it is important for me to share this part of my life too. Before becoming a mom I had these ideals of what kind of mom I would be. I was the type who would say "A baby won't change my schedule or how I do things!" etc..... I always thought a baby would just follow my routine and be just fine! Well I was in for a surprise!

After Samuel was born I found that it wasn't about ME anymore. I would do anything for this precious baby. He still gets up during the night 3 even 4 times but does that bother me, no. He needs me. He needs nourishment and comfort. He gets up at 6 or 7 AM. Does that mean I want to get up at that time? No. But I do because I love to see his smiling face and hear him giggle when he sees mine. I will never stress about whether or not he is sleeping when I want to sleep because he is just following his body's natural rhythm.

I know breast feeding is a controversial subject and to each her own, but I choose to breast feed not because it is the easiest choice (well in some instances it is when you don't have to get up and mix a bottle) but because I know it is specifically made for my baby and is best for him. This means I can only be gone from him for 2 hours tops because that's how often he eats. Once again his needs come before mine. I remember back to the first couple weeks when he would want to eat constantly and I was so overwhelmed and exhausted and at the brink of giving him a bottle. Kyle my husband encouraged me not to give up. Looking back I was just ill informed about breast feeding. I didn't know that little babies ate so often and that one of the reasons he wanted to eat was for comfort and to build up my supply. Babies need to suckle.

This post is not intended to say that you can't have a life or that you shouldn't nurture and take care of yourself as a mother. I am just saying that once you bring a little baby into this world your life will not be exactly the same as it was before. This has been my experience anyway. It will change because the love you feel for this little human is so amazing and you would do anything for them.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Trip Home

Samuel and I hopped on a jet plane to visit our family in Minnesota. I had only planned to stay five days because I thought I would miss my husband too much and I figured Sammy would be worn out, but I ended up extending our stay since we were having such a good time and the weather was so beautiful. I think the grandparents were very happy with my decision to stay longer! Sammy is so lucky to have so many people that love and adore him. I felt like a mean mom taking him away from all our family and friends, but his daddy missed him and me and it felt so good to get home.

Being home feels wonderful but it got me thinking that I really need to build some kind of support system where we live now. I want Sammy to grow up with lots of love around him. I want our weekends to be filled with summer barbeques, birthday parties, and campfires. I am sending this wish out into the universe to see what happens.