Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Baby Wearing

Here is me and my little guy in the sleepy wrap :) He hates being in it when he is facing me, but loves facing out so he can see the world!

Did you know that baby wearing goes waaaay back? I bet even Jesus was worn by his mother. Women around the world wear their babies so that they can keep their babies safe and close to them while they go about their daily tasks. Today I got up, put on my sleepy wrap, put baby in wrap, went to make a pot of coffee, popped in some cinnamon swirl toast, ate toast, took a stroll outside to get the mail, checked my email, cleaned up kitchen, and then decided to take baby out so I could drink my coffee (drinking coffee or any hot beverage while baby is attached would be a terrible idea).

Why I like wearing baby:

1. He can learn about the world at eye-level rather than laying on the floor or being in a bouncer all day.

2. It saves my arms. Sammy loves being held and walked around. This can get tiresome, so wearing him is much more comfortable for us both.

3. It looks cool. I love seeing other moms wear their babies!

4. He loves being close to me and seeing all the action!

5. I can still do household chores and feel like I am not ignoring him.

That's my two cents on baby wearing. Have a great day!


  1. Love your new header!!! The new pic of you and Sammy has to rank up there in my favorites of you two cuties! So sweet! I'm most certainly ordering a sleepy wrap for our little one on the way.

  2. How neat! That is a very cool wrap design! It brings back memories of my husband wearing our daughter cute!!!