Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 months

Photo taken at 2 weeks old

Today is your 3 month birthday!

We woke up around 7 am and had breakfast (you nursed I had oatmeal squares cereal). Then we laid in bed together while I read Goodnight Little One to you. I suppose I need a book titled Good Morning Little One so you don't get confused! Then I held you on my lap while I made ridiculous noises at you in efforts to make you laugh. You gave me one big squeal-like laugh and that was good enough for me :) Next we walked around the house and talked to the cats. You seem to show more of an interest in them lately. We laid down on the bed again to talk and coo. Finally your eyes got heavy and red and it was time for a nap. I held you close to me while your eyes slowly drifted and all I could think to myself was wow how did I get so lucky.....

Love you stinker pants :)



  1. What a sugar doll. He is so cute!

    I am actively looking for work now, so can't wait to order some more of your beautiful notecards! Everyone I have given or sent the bird card to has just raved over it's beauty! I had to keep one for myself just to stare at on occasion!!!

  2. This lovely little post brought big tears to my eyes. What a blessed family.

  3. ooooh I've been gone too long! I have loved catching up and meeting your little one! reading this post makes me wish I'd had a blog 21 years ago to captures all of my new mommy thoughts and musings so that my daughter could look back on now!