Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Things: Hello Yellow

For those of you stopping by my blog for the first time I have a series I do every week called Thursday Things. I call it that because I like to feature "things" that either catch my eye, inspire me, that I would like to buy, that I admire...etc.  The majority of the time I like to feature Etsy sellers because their items seem to be the most unique and inspiring to me.  Plus I'm sure they appreciate a little advertising as well. But Thursday Things is not limited to Etsy items. I like to keep it broad just in case ;)

It has been raining here for like an entire month. I think that is why I am craving bright sunny yellow.

This dress by stephanieteague is super cute and would make me feel like a super hero if I could wear it. 

These small yellow fade bowls by upintheairsomewhere are made from paper mache. They look as if they are made of porcelain. So beautiful and delicate!

This lemon zest necklace by luxedeluxe would be a great accessory to add that pop of color to an outfit. 

I whole heartedly agree with this print by paperfunkpress.

Last but not least...I have created a set of cards based on my Yellow Bird print. Now available here.


  1. I'm so about the yellow right not too, just bought a frilly chiffon BRIGHT yellow top, can't wait to wear it!! love you picks!

  2. Great picks, I LOVE the color yellow! I wish it looked better on me, lol.

  3. have I told you yet that I just love reading your blog and seeing your beautiful artwork?? :)