Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday Things...on a Friday

Sorry I didn't get to posting thursday things yesterday! Friday will have to do.  Here are some more Etsy favorites. 

1. Being a crazy bird lover, i am drawn to this beautiful 50's Birdcage Pillow
by Olive

2. This is such a cute idea. A Doily Clock by andfurthermore . This would look much better in my kitchen then my current boring silver clock. 

3. I really believe that We Are All Made of Stars! This is a fabulous gocco print by jessgonacha. I think it would look really cute amongst a grouping of your favorite art prints. 

4. Love these Filigree Earrings by Silverdog. So delicate yet fun! I am noticing a turquoise and red theme with all my favorites this week. Hmmm lets switch it up for number 5.

5. Who would have thought to turn felt into a necklace! I think I love this by Feltik.

6. I am so in love with etsy. It is a daily struggle not to buy something! I just wanted to share this last item with you that I bought from buygollymissmolly's shop.  It is a milk glass pot that I plan to store my pencils in in my office or I could always plant a sweet little plant in it. It was a great deal and I can't wait to get it in the mail. I think next week I will devote thursday things to great vintage finds. 


  1. ohhh, i think the pillow is my favorite! remember the milk pail salt and pepper shakers at your dad's house...the pot reminds me of those. like father, like daughter...

  2. Great picks, love that pillow!
    I wonder if the felt necklace would be itchy..?

  3. Thank you for posting my veridigris filigree earrings - I am honored to be among such lovely picks :)