Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday Things

I decided to devote today's Thursday Things to some things I things are pretty darn cool on etsy

1. This pillow by pixieblossoms.  I wish I had a knack for sewing like her!

2. These beautiful stoneware bottles by antb. I imagine them sitting on my big mantle all together like a little bottle family. 

3. These adorable earrings by Bijoutiful.

4. No more boring flour sack kitchen towels! Instead I want these by flyingrhymes from Denmark. 

5. I need to buy these by evelynfields. This one is for my friend Katie who hates the idea of plastic bags floating in the ocean. Genius!

6. If we made our own plans.... by michellemoode. This small work speaks big. I would love to see it blown up as a larger print! This also inspires me to do some experimenting with dying my paper with tea. 


  1. Great picks! Love those tea towels. Even though I shouldn't be, I'm still amazed at all the wonderful things on etsy...I could browse for hours. *sigh*

  2. thanks for the mention! Personally, i'd hate to see this drawing enlarged. Scale is important to my work, and its so east for that to get lost on etsy...

    thanks again!

  3. i love the little cotton sandwich bags! now i need a job. a job where i bring a bagged lunch. a bagged lunch packed with adorable, funky bags to make all my co-workers jealous.

  4. I am totally all over those very unique and lovely earrings and that pretty pillow!

  5. Hi,
    I like your collages! and let me tell you you have great taste! All the things in your blog are beautiful!

  6. such pretty finds.. not sure if i love the bottles, earrings or towels the most. really, really lovely things.