Monday, March 16, 2009

My Buddy

I just adore my cat. He is pure cuddly-ness. 

He is a perfect creation! Just look at the stripes on his head!

If you aren't convinced yet, get a look at his handsome face. 

New artwork to be posted soon :)


  1. I just love orange cats! And yes, he is a perfect creation and you can tell he knows it!
    (Love how he's laying with his arm out, heehee!) :-)

  2. i love this blog! it made me laugh out loud! abner is gorgeous :) i miss his fireside antics....sorry i know i always bring up that lame joke but i can't help it!

  3. what a kittilicious baby!! he is ART!!

  4. i might need to kidnap him Kel, will he fit into a large purse, or will I need something bigger?

  5. you can't kidnap him lindsey! ...well maybe you can borrow him, he would fit nicely into a LARGE shoulder strap type bag.