Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oceans, Rocks, and Clouds

My almost 2 year old son is the best, most fun person to hang out with ( when he isn't tired, hungry, or having a tantrum). We went to the park today and he says: Mommy push WAY UP HIGH" So I do. Mommy, Mommy up in the clouds! Big! So I tell him he is as high as the clouds and he believes it with all his heart.

Then off into the distance he sees a small lake. "Mommy the OCEAN!" And because I don't care if he thinks the lake is the ocean and I agree. He starts running towards it, telling me he wants to find a big rock and THROW IT in the OCEAN! So we find a decent sized rock and when we get to the mucky edge of the "ocean" he whips it into the water squealing with delight. Because there are no more rocks around he seeks out a pine cone then he's off running again. 

All the wonders of nature are more entertaining to this kid than any toy I could find at the store (except of course a new ball!). I look out at the "ocean" and up into the Big Clouds and I feel so much gratitude for this little boy and this place in time. I am lucky. These moments make the other moments of being a mom, the times when I feel worn and weathered and ready to break, worth it. 

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