Friday, February 10, 2012

Along the wall

Here are some of my paintings lined up against the wall. I feel like I am finally fulfilling that part of myself that has been ignored since becoming a mom. I had this voice in the back of my head for the past two years saying "You need to paint again!" But I just wasn't ready until now. Now all I want to do paint! Colors are swirling in my head all night. I am not sleeping so good anymore!

It is hard to find the balance between "me" time and being a mom. I know we all have that battle though.  I have to make sure that I am a good mother first and foremost. Most of my painting is done during nap time or after he goes to sleep. I also have to say that my housework has suffered since I've been picking up my paint brushes regularly! But that can always wait till tomorrow right?

There is a call for submissions for a local art show and I was thinking about entering a few pieces. What do you think? I am scared but somewhat excited to do it. I have until the 16th to decide. 

1 comment:

  1. OMG...GO FOR IT!!! WHAT CAN YOU LOSE??? It's all good!!! I say "do it"!!! Your art is gorgeous!!!