Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Things: Pastels

I am so happy to bring back "Thursday Things" to my blog. It is a compilation of "things" I have noticed on the internet throughout the week that I would like to share with you! Enjoy!

Milk glass is one of my secret obsessions. I wish I had a whole collection of vases and creamy mugs to drink from. These are some I found on Etsy that I am pining for.

Next up is Creative Thursday's adorable prints. I plan to purchase some when I have a little girl someday. Whenever I lack inspiration I always visit her blog. I think she has magical powers or something! You can visit her blog here

Next is this awesome painted silverware. And for the life of me I can't find the link for the blog that I first saw this on! You know how you are reading a blog you like and then you see another blog in the sidebar that catches your eye so you click on it? That's what I did and I saved this picture but I forgot to save the link. So I apologize. I like these retro colors though. They are really snazzy!

This is it for Thursday things. Have a great day and remember that tomorrow is Friday and that is exciting in and of itself!


  1. Oh Kel, I absolutely love milk glass too! I've been eyeing a few fun pieces to bring into the farmhouse.

  2. Hi Kelly! I could not believe my eyes when I stumbled upon these dishes this morning...looks like they were designed by YOU!!! Thought you would love them...
    Bird China