Monday, October 4, 2010

We like each other

A lot :)

I went through Sammy's drawers and cleaned out the clothes he has outgrown once again. It makes me sad when I have to make room for the "bigger" clothes. It makes me wonder if I'm being too sentimental or if every mother has these feelings? I guess I will just have to have another baby when Samuel gets too big ;)

I really like being a mom. I feel like I really fit into this role, this new phase of my life. My husband said it's like I was meant to be a mother. That makes me happy. But there are also other parts of my life that I miss and that I need to work into my schedule again. I haven't made much art, and it is hard to get myself out on the running trails some days. This will come with time but for right now I really don't mind spending every waking moment with this little sweetheart. Time really does go by WAY too fast.


  1. He sure is growing up fast! Amazing! I am so happy you love each other!!! Hehehe...:) He is a cute doll.

  2. You two little lovebugs look soo similar in this photo!

  3. Beautiful blog...amazing photos, art and of course very adorable and cute son..Really glad to stop by your blog!


  4. Thanks for stopping by Sandra! Your cooking blog looks delicious! I will have to check it out as I am always looking for new things to eat/make!