Monday, October 18, 2010

6 months


You turned 6 months young on Friday and of course you continue to amaze me. I took this photo of you and it surprised me how much you have changed over this past month. You can now roll both ways. I never thought you would roll from back to belly, but you finally did and it was so fun to watch! You can sit up for a little while unassisted but usually you topple over. Yesterday I didn't catch you on time and you bonked your little head on the floor. I felt so bad! You seemed more shocked than hurt and all I had to do was sing the song "Sammy Baby" which is actually the oldie "Sherry Baby" with your name replacing Sherry and you started to smile SO big. You are not close to crawling yet, but I don't mind. I hear it gets harder once babies get mobile and I have not done any baby-proofing of the apartment yet.
You have changed so much, yet when you sleep you look the same as when you first came home. You have the same peaceful beautiful face. I am obsessed with kissing your chubby thighs, belly, and cheeks. I seriously wish I could bottle up your smell and soft skin so I can always remember it. You are ticklish under your chin, on your back, and on your thighs. You are so very happy and joyful and it makes me think God sends us babies to remind us to laugh more and not take life so seriously. I cannot thank HIM enough for giving me the best gift ever! You!

Love Always,


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  1. Kelly, your posts always leave me teary. What a beautiful gift your writing is for Sammy. Someday he will be so very thankful to have it.