Thursday, July 9, 2009

a modge podge of thoughts

me jumping on a park trail

Illinois landscape

I have been back from my trip for a few days now. It was nice to get out of my town and to visit other lands even if it was just Illinois. I have to say that I really enjoyed seeing the fireworks this year. I love our country and feel thankful to have been born here. Isn't it funny to think that you could have been born anywhere in the world which determines the quality of life you have, the amount of freedom you have, and much bigger things like your religion? It blows my socks off thinking about it. It makes me count my blessings and reminds me not to judge others so much since they are a product of their circumstances and environment.

I am loving the summer. My sunflowers are about to bloom, my grass is still green due to steady rain, and the fireflies amaze me. They are like little wonders of electricity. Wouldn't it be funny if we could light up in the dark. No that would be scary. I am glad only fireflies and some kinds of fish are the only things that light up.

Now that I am back I plan on catching up on some things like weeding my garden, mowing, and painting the bonus room above the garage. I never knew what a bonus room was until I moved to the south. They are popular in my neighborhood since none of the houses have basements. I hate not having a basement. It freaks me out when storms come, to the point that I wear a helmet when the tornado sirens go off. I am going to paint the bonus room a grey brown color called ashwood. It should be classy and look nice with my dark brown furniture. I can add color to the room with pillows, curtains, and lamps. That's the way I like to decorate. Alright off to take care of business.

Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend!!


  1. Welcome back! I love your picture. You look so happy in it!

  2. YAY! You're back! Sounds like you had a truly lovely time while visiting IL. Love the picture of you jumping lady! Hope painting the bonus room goes well, sounds like a beautiful color!

  3. No basement??? I wouldn't like that either!
    LOVE the pic of you jumping. Too cute!!!

  4. Welcome back! I just walked back in the door from my trip around Florida too! It is nice to be back home though...don't you agree???