Thursday, January 27, 2011

STUFF does not make your life any happier in the BUT

a smile like this does.....

I was watching the oprah show on happiness this morning and I wasn't surprised to learn that the thing that makes for a much happier life is interaction with other humans!

I have to say that going out for lunch or going for a walk with with a friend can boost my happiness a lot more than going shopping alone or sitting at home and watching TV (I do have my shows don't get me wrong :)

Also on the show they found that the people who had more interaction at work rated their lives happier than people with less; So, special ed teachers, travel agents, clergy members, and fire fighters were found to be some of the "happiest" people. These people only make around $50,000 a year (at the most!) so it proves that making bucket loads of money does not make you any happier. I do believe you need enough money for food, shelter, mobility, and recreation. Not having basic needs would make your life more stressful and would lower your happiness level.

The most important happiness factor is making meaningful connections with people. This got me thinking that I would love to know the people who read my blog better. So if you don't mind say hi if you want through a comment or even an email. I would like to get to know you better! I know I have not been a regular poster and this is something I want to work on. Finding time has been difficult for this first time mom!

happy thursday!

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