Tuesday, January 18, 2011

9 Months *

Dear Sammy

You have turned 9 months old this past weekend and I can hardly wrap my mind around it. From 8 to 9 months there are so many new things you have learned and accomplished like: crawling, trying to share your sippy cup with me, pulling up onto your knees, opening dresser drawers, trying to use a spoon with help, brushing your teeth (with help) , sprouting two more teeth (for a total of 6), and trying to pick up and eat the tiniest of crumbs and scraps off the floor. Your dad and I talk about you after you have gone to sleep at night about how much we "like" you. You are such a fun kid already! You dad jokes that he is going to go wake you up because he misses you and wants to play with you.

How do you have this effect on us? It is a combination of the following I think:

your captivating smile, the adorable giggle when I make your stuffed animals talk to you, it is the dimples on your hands where eventually knuckles will be, it is the smell of your sweet head, it is the look of wonder on your face when you see something new, and it is the warmth of your little 20 lb 8oz body I feel while rocking you at night.

I love you Sammy :) God has surely blessed us more than we deserve.

Love Mom


  1. Kel, your posts always make me so teary. Don't you just love the smell of your baby's head. I drink my boys in everytime we cuddle. Then when I'm doing the wash after they've gone to bed, I stand around smelling their clothes because I already miss their smell.

  2. Wow your blog is adorable. I love the creativity and how much you love your son. You must be a great mother! :)

  3. Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. Little Sam is adorable and he has a spectacular mom and dad- I really miss him and can't believe how much he's grown in just the short time you'll have been gone. He looks so grown up in this picture- and what a grin. Miss you guys.

    Love, Kara