Friday, November 19, 2010

I found the time

Since becoming a momma I haven't found the time or motivation to get out my art supplies until this week! I am proud to say that I have listed some new small originals in my shop! My hope is that I can try to do one painting a day while Sammy takes his long nap. Of course there are about a million other things I should be doing while he naps like laundry, cleaning toilets, taking a shower, etc. but it really has been fun to paint again. I like using watercolors because they are easy to get out, easy to clean up, and they do not take up too much space on my kitchen table.

I am excited because it is Friday and that means my husband gets to be with us all weekend. During the work week it seems that we don't see much of each other because by the time he gets home and we have dinner we are both tired and always go to bed early. The weather is beautiful here so I am sure we will get out and enjoy a walk on one of the trails. Maybe we will do a little decorating for Christmas, although I would like to wait until Thanksgiving has passed. I feel it deserves it's own celebration without Christmas getting in the way :) I hope you have a super weekend too.



  1. Have a wonderful wknd with your family!

  2. Oh I feel your creative pain! I have 4 boys ( my oldest is 12) and I still struggle to eek out creative time for myself.Lovely picture!!!

  3. loooove the painting!