Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Two Months

Samuel will be two months old this Thursday. It is amazing how fast little babes grow. I read that a newborn's brain grows five centimeters in the first three months of life! Incredible! I have noticed that Sammy is really starting to focus on my mouth when I talk or sing to him. I think he is trying to understand how it works and he is also becoming more vocal. He is a very spirited baby, letting me know what he likes or dislikes right away. He is also pretty independent. He doesn't like being held too much unless he is sleepy. I love watching him from a distance when he is quietly staring out the window, taking in all the colors and shapes he sees. So precious.


  1. What an adorable little boy! He is just precious!! I cannot believe how big he has gotten, and so bright eyed. Looks like he is very intelligent already, soaking up everything so readily!

  2. hey ...
    hi kelly..
    i am from india,,
    and its obvious i dont know u,..neither,. u know me.,..
    i was just browsin here n der/..
    i am new to bloggers'...
    and i saw ur blog..
    i just found it too good... too observative type..
    i can find it in your words... u r so much observing ur baby..
    1- he is too cute...
    2- the eagerness of knowin the world...
    to know the camera from which he is been clickd..
    is clearly seen in his eyes...
    i love dat pose...
    believe me i hav never observed so much..
    but ur snap.. dis one.. has inspired me to do so...
    and i am 17 year old as u can see in my profile..
    so... may be after sum 8-9 yrs i will hav my own baby...
    lik u hav urs..
    i wil love to observe him in i willlove my baby..
    u hav inspired me to think..
    i just love to connect ppl all over the globe...
    connectin to them..
    sharing moments wid em.
    i jst love it...
    so be in touch

  3. hey...
    i need ur help...
    i want to follow ..
    is that possible..
    if yes then tell me how..
    i doonno nythin abt bloggers..

  4. Hi Krunal! Welcome to Blogger! Thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind comments. I am sure you will be a wonderful mother some day! If you would like to follow my blog just scroll down the right side of the screen and click on the button that says "follow." It is above all the faces of people currently following my blog.

  5. Thank you Julie for your sweet comments! I can't help but show off my little man!