Monday, November 16, 2009

Hello Monday

Hello Monday, I have decided to be productive today. The photo below shows me amongst the many many boxes that we have to go through in order to feel settled. This was taken the day after we moved in so we have made some progress since then (thank goodness)!

Today I have plans of cleaning and organizing some of my "pretty things" (such as holiday decorations, lamps, and vase), making a guest list for my baby shower, and working on finishing a painting. Yes, I finally have access to my art supplies! They were boxed up for quite some time for the move and I am finally able to get some of them out and start making again. Since money is tight this year (we still have a mortgage to pay and also our apartment rent ugh) I have decided I wanted to make most of my Christmas gifts this year. I won't be posting them all since some of my family members read this blog, but I will share a watercolor with you that I have been working on for my husband's grandparents. It is based on a picture of their farm where they raised their kids. They still live on the same property but in a newer house. I am hoping this painting will evoke many memories for them :) Most of the gifts I plan to make will be smaller paintings and drawings as well as some painted ornaments. These gifts will be much more meaningful than something I could buy anyways right?

Here are a few pictures of my progress. I like to add lots of layers to my watercolors to build up a richness of color so I still have quite a bit more to do on this one.

And I just want to thank you for visiting my blog. I know I was out of the loop for quite some time, so your presence and comments mean so much to me!


  1. I know they will love the painting! It looks great so far!

    When I give store bought gifts, my relatives get mad! They always want me to make something for them!

  2. your presence here means so much to US!! we love you!