Thursday, November 12, 2009

19 weeks

18 weeks

Hi sweet blog friends

I have missed you and I have been so distant but I would love to reconnect and keep a presence here once again. I am now settled into our new home in North Carolina. It is actually an apartment which is kind of nice because it has caused us to get rid of some unnecessary clutter. Things are not completely set up, and it looks as if the baby's room will be an office/baby room since we only have two bedrooms to work with. Everything is a work in progress...especially my little growing baby which I will talk more about now...

I am now 19 weeks along. Almost half way! We had our "big ultrasound" yesterday and I found out we are having a sweet little BOY! When I saw the evidence my eyes instantly welled up! I looked over at my husband and he was grinning ear to ear. Just what he wanted :) I really thought I was having a girl, so thank goodness I found out otherwise I would have bought more girl things than boy. Now we can register for items and narrow down some names.

Other developments: I have been feeling consistent pokes and kicks the last 3-4 days which is the most amazing feeling in the world! Each time I feel the baby move I feel so blessed that I am able to feel this little human life inside of me progressing every day. What a miracle! I feel a little sad that my husband can't experience the same feelings. I know the kicks will get stronger and stronger and will probably eventually hurt but I really don't care! I love it!

The only thing that is a little tough is growing out of my clothes. None of my button up shirts fit me because my chest has grown. None of my jeans can button up so I just use this elastic belly band from target to hold them up! I love my growing belly but dislike some of the growth in other areas! It has caused a few tears some mornings when I try to put on an outfit that I usually fit into but I realize I have to grow so the baby can grow. I am sure all first time mom's have to go through this so I won't dwell on the subject. I am truly so happy about this baby and will grow as big as a house if needed!


  1. Ohhhhh...a little baby BOY! My frst was a boy too! I am so happy for you both!!! Congrats on your new move as well.

  2. I loved feeling Teddy move inside me too! Each kick is one closer to you holding your little pumpkin. The clothes thing is a little hard, primarily because maternity clothes are so darn expensive and regular clothes just feel tight, itchy, and uncomfortable. My advice: splurge on a couple great pairs of maternity jeans. You'll get great use out of them and then you don't have to deal with the outrageously small regulars.

  3. Oh, how sweet! You look radiant, Kelly! :-)

  4. Kelly,
    Hi! I am writing to say hey. You had left a comment on my blog at one point and it caught my eye this morning. I noticed that you have moved to North Carolina! Where did you guys move to?? We live in Asheville. I thought maybe if we were close we could connect at some point. I hope all is well and that your baby is doing wonderful! So exciting!

  5. Everyone in my "real" world seems to getting married and/or pregnant and now it seems it's spilling over into my "online"'s making me want to do it too :) Congratulations on your new place and your baby! Oh, and I love your chrismas card, I'm working on mine right now too