Monday, May 14, 2012

Two years old

I love my 2 year old boy. He keeps me on my toes, makes me laugh, makes my heart melt when he says I love you mommy, and I just want to stop time sometimes so I can engrave these moments into my brain. Here are a few things I want to remember.

- Everything you want right now has to be bicycle, blue sucker, blue shirt, blue flashlight, blue eyes.

- When we ask how old you are you say" I'm 2 old!"

- You have really smelly little boy feet

- You ran for a half mile without stopping at the cape fear trail on Saturday. People were cheering you on and smiling at you. I was out of breath and wanted to walk! I was also so impressed with my little athlete.

- Ever since I bought a bag of dum dum suckers you have asked me for one every 10 seconds. I am about to throw the rest out!

- You refuse to try the little potty.

- you love lemoniade, broccoli, ice cream, pickles, olives, apricots, apples with no skin, and chocolate milk

- You insist on doing everything yourself, including pouring your own milk, stirring your own chocolate milk, taking off your shoes, climbing into bed, getting in and out of your car seat, and so much more. Your desire to be independent is sometimes exhausting but it is also admirable and I am so proud.

-You threw a tantrum in the post office the other day where instead of holding my hand your body went completely limp and you started screaming " I want to hit mommy with a bat!" over and thats not cool. I know we've been playing a lot of T-ball lately, but wanting to hit me?  I was sort of embarrassed I mean what two year old wants to do that to his mommy. I was also trying not to laugh. I took you out to the car until you stopped crying and then we went back in.

-You are more strong-willed than anyone I've ever met. You will be a leader someday.

-When daddy's truck pulls up you run to the door screaming "daddy daddy daddy!!!!!" Then you hug him and say I wuv you daddy.

- You like daddy's tools, his drill, his hammers, his phone, pretty much everything in the garage. The garage is also a dangerous and off limits place for you since you have no fear.

- You love robots, elmo, balls, running, the pool, and giant spoons from the kitchen.

Sammy you are the best little boy we could have asked for. You are such a gift and you made me a mother. I love you so so so much!

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  1. Stumbled upon this blog by accident, so cute! Reminds me of the little boys I babysit :)