Tuesday, November 8, 2011

18 months

My little boy is amazing because:

1. He gets up in the morning and tries to pick up all 10 of his balls and carry them out into the living room.

2. He knows all of his body parts and colors.

3. He knows where I keep the chocolate and asks for it about 100 times a day.

4. When he takes a bath the floor is completely covered in water and I might as well wear my swimsuit because I am drenched after the first two minutes of splashing.

5. He can catch a ball already! I think he is bound to be an athlete.

6. He can draw a circle...and draw on himself and the floor and my face.

7. He will toot and laugh super hard about it.

8. He likes salad!

9. When he is being tickled by daddy he keeps asking for more even though he can barely breath from laughing so hard.

10. He gets into everything and will try to run away and hide from me. Sometimes he hides so well that it takes me a few minutes to find him.

11. He loves the cats and tries to "ride" our Garfield cat Abner.


  1. Hiiiiiiiii!!! Have missed you guys!!! What a cute little boy you have there...he has grown soooo much!!! He is so busy and active and adorable! What a great Mom he has!!!

  2. I Think he's so amazing!

    and CUTEE! ♥

  3. Hi Julie! I know i haven't been the greatest blogger but I want to try again! Thanks for stopping by!