Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The beach part 1

I can still feel the saltwater in my hair as I get ready to go to the grocery store.
the salt I pick up off the shelf is unlike the salt I wish I could still taste on my upper lip
still hearing the sounds of my little one yell and squeel as he is collides with another wave
gripping his little hands I let out a "weeee!" along with him
tiny wide feet hit the sand, chasing sea faring birds and jumping into small pools left by the tide
sitting a minute to catch my breath, watching my angel boy scoop up a billion grains of sand as he stares in amazement at the glops plopping kerplunk back into the water
the sand fades and gathers once again to the bottom of the sea floor
bits of seashells and seaweed gather in piles from the tide that forever move in and out
feeling the breeze pick up and wrapping my ocean kissed boy up in a big teal towel
time to go in
these thoughts are now memories burned into my head
how beautiful

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