Sunday, December 19, 2010

8 months

Dear Sammy

You turned 8 months old on the 15th and you are even more amazing than ever! You have 3 teeth and one more about to break through. They all came in at the same time a few weeks ago. This has made for some trying nights, but with a little tylenol and orajel you seem to be coping well. You can also army crawl. The very first thing you "crawled" after was a yellow ball. You love balls, remotes, cat tails, stuffed animals, putting things in your mouth, being tickled, being tossed in the air, and watching jeopardy. You are also getting a mind of your own and never want to take naps! You are very "attached" to me, and reach for me when you are upset. You love playing with your daddy, especially when he gets home from work. You love to touch his whiskers and teeth. You are such a fun and happy baby and we couldn't be more in love. Here's to 8 months!

Love Mom

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